The Operations Manager is directly responsible to ensure operational excellence across all department operations, ensuring they are effectively managed in a profitable and professional manner. The OM oversees the day to day operation of the facility to create and maintain maximum profitability, customer satisfaction levels, product quality and uniqueness, service standards, facility maintenance, work environment, and property health & safety practices. 

Job Descriptions


  • The OM oversees the day to day operations, the OM will ensure that the facility and the Fitness & Wellness operations at the property exceed guest expectations and financial targets.  
  • The OM along with the GM and EAM will lead efforts to ensure that effective human resource, management/leadership best practices are implemented in a way that creates and maintains an engaged, productive, and high-performing workforce and work environment, and that are in accordance with local law and create policies and procedures. 
  • Reporting to the General Manager.  To produce operational reports for review to include the need for improvements, training, maintenance, purchasing and/or skills and staffing gaps   

Minimum Requirements 

  • Minimum five (5) years’ experience as an Operations Manager or Management position in which comparable job knowledge and skills have been acquired. 
  • Five (5) years’ experience in operations management of 5-star resorts and/or hotel management, ideally including daily management of all areas of operations involving human resources, fitness, and wellness, budget management, rooms, housekeeping, resort maintenance, long-range planning and administration of services. 
  • The candidate will ideally have previous experience and personal interest within the fitness and wellness industry. 
  • Bachelor’s degree in business, health club and/or resort management or other related field preferred; previous experience in hotel management or an equivalent combination of education and experience from which comparable job knowledge and skills have been acquired may be substituted for a degree. 

Top salary & Kitas offered

Key Tasks 

 Operational overview and organization of all departments, building and facility condition, carry out daily building, department and facilities checks 

  • Manage the departments and oversee all aspect of the front and back of house and day to day operation 
  • Responsible for daily operation, facility condition, guest satisfaction, and team members 
  • Work with the management team and other department heads, in line with company goals and objectives 
  • Attend daily morning and evening briefings 
  • Walk all areas of the facility twice daily to ensure highest standards are maintained across all departments, feedback to department heads as required  
  • Identify maintenance issues and ensure the quickest repairs are carried out  
  • Ensure and cross-check sop and lists are completed  
  • Provide cover for department heads in case of sickness 
  • Understand every department and work with heads of departments and the management team to ensure best practice, efficiency and standards  
  • Ensure high standard of service and of services and good at all times   
  • Ensure staffs are professional, courteous and attentive to every guest’s needs 
  • Ensure health and safety standards are maintained at all times and identify issues for reporting to the manager  
  • Ensure staffing level is sufficient and appropriate to promote the smooth flow of daily operation and task and allowing for growth and bust periods  
  • Identify skills and staffing gaps and making recommendations to fix accordingly
  • Ensure staff carries out tasks appropriately according to their designation 
  • Carry out staff appraisal at appropriate time to monitor staff performance as required with the management team and/or HR  
  • Carry out appropriate disciplinary action as and when necessary and action plan 
  • Ensure all areas and facilities are properly maintained and well organized in order to provide an optimal environment to guests and staff (including back of house)  
  • Ensure cleanliness and hygiene of spa area and all facilities are kept high at all times by implementing proper cleaning schedules to highest standards. 
  • Ensure visiting consultants and partners are well looked after and properly assisted 
  • Conduct spa and gym orientation for new employees as well as current employees 
  • Maintain Body Factory Bali brand standard across departments by organizing regular refresher trainings along with HR and the manager  
  • Encourage professional development among staff by planning appropriate training programs for staff 
  • Ensure departmental training is carried out on a monthly basis with positive attendance 
  • Ensure procedures and manage stock systematically in order to keep a proper and accurate inventory control 
  • Ensure retail and café outlets look interesting and stocked up at all times 
  • Monitor monthly revenue and expenses to ensure they are in line with the budget planned
  • Implement cost control procedures and corrective action plans where necessary 
  • Ensure In-house promotions are utilized to increase cross-sale/up-sale capture rate 
  • Work with the internal departments to ensure the facilities are being effectively promoted to hotel guests and members 
  • Interact with guests to understand more of their preference and needs and find out on areas which requires improvement 
  • Respect and understand the ethnic and cultural diversity among employees by interacting with them 
  • Develop good relationship with other departments and the staff as a whole  
  • Develop short and long term goals for the department and communicate goals and strategy to the employees 
  • Ensure staff have a suitable rest and break area  
  • Set high standards and expectation for the department heads and lead the team by example 
  • Recognize outstanding staff performance and deal with substandard performance fairly, immediately and constructively along with the manager  
  • Take responsibility of your own action 
  • Develop expertise of your subordinates through delegation and by giving them support, motivation and direction 
  • Encourage teamwork among employee and organize teambuilding activities. 
  • Follow all rules relating to the confidentiality of the property and company information and do not share information with inappropriate people 
  • Ensure full knowledge of all hotel systems in order to maintain full maximization of systems use and in case of cover Key Requirements
    The ideal candidate will be familiar with fitness and/or health and wellness resort management. Familiar to manage the daily operations including personnel, back of house and services offered including the spa, café, gym/fitness, and the hotel. Having excellent communication skills, with the proven track of record on managing excellent customer serviceoperational efficiently and high standards and an eye for detail. Experience working in a similar position and in a luxury hospitality environment will be beneficial. 

Please include a cover letter and resume when applying for any positions within Body Factory Bali. We update our job opportunities area regularly so please monitor this section for future openings.

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