How To Break Out of a Workout Rut

Written By Lolita Walters

Has your workout routine gone past its use by date? Consistency in being
active and training is key, but that sentiment only goes so far. If you’ve been
doing the same old thing for a long time, you could be holding back on your
results. It’s easier to stick to the same formula or simply become complacent,
however, in order to reach new heights and smash goals, it’s imperative to
continually push yourself further and change up parts of your exercise routine.
This means your body and mind will have to keep adapting, learning and
developing, whether that be general fitness, gaining muscle, losing weight or
anything else you’re working at.

If you’ve found yourself stuck in a workout rut, this Body Factory Bali cheat
sheet has the tips you need to shake it up. Trust us, variety really is the spice of

Try a new class

Signing your name down for a new exercise class is one of the best ways to mix
up your workout routine. At the Body Factory Bali, our state of the art fitness
center and gym in Canggu, we have a variety of classes designed to keep
results rolling. Find a group fitness class that you don’t usually do, such as
yoga, functional training or boxing, and get your blood flowing fresh in a fun
and supported environment.

Grab a workout buddy

Kick a stale fitness regime to the curb and keep yourself more accountable at
the same time by partnering up with a friend, family member or your partner
to smash some workout goals together. Not only will you be able to support
and push each other, as well as share different training methods you may both
have, it will also make exercising more enjoyable, which in turn can help
motivate you to go further. Bonus points: opt for a workout buddy who is fitter
than you as studies have shown that this can your own effort and workout
duration by a staggering 200%!

Switch up your environment

Sometimes a change of scenery is just what you need to get out of your
workout rut. Do you usually train in a gym? Why not head outside instead once

or twice a week. You could even just do your warm-up outside and then head
indoors for the rest of your training program. On the flip side, if you usually
exercise outdoors, signing up for a gym can be an excellent way to experience
new training methods and equipment that can push your results to the next
level. At Body Factory Bali, we love a good run along Canggu beachfront in
between training in our Canggu fitness center.

Track your activity and progress

Use apps on your smartphone or a wearable fitness device to record and
monitor your exercise and data relating to it, such as your heart rate, calorie
expenditure and more. You should also track goal-specific data such as weight
loss or muscle mass. This is the perfect springboard to make sure you don’t
stay in a rut that isn’t yielding results anymore.

Pimp your playlist

Never underestimate the power of music when it comes to the success of your
fitness routine. The beats pumping through your headphones can help you
power through a workout and provide the sensation that we haven’t had to
use as much effort to do it. The science is also there to prove it, with research
suggesting the optimal tempo is 125-140 beats per minute. Pump up the jam!

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