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Body Factory Bali Meal Plan

At Body Factory Bali we’ve been busy putting together a truly unique Meal Plan experience.

With culinary creations being led by an Executive Chef and supported by our experienced kitchen team our Meal Plans have been thoughtfully curated using only the island’s best produce.

By partnering with a highly skilled team who possess a wealth of international and local knowledge we can offer delicious flavors whilst delivering nutritionally balanced meals. Perfectly cooked, seasoned and spiced meals are now available for the first time in a Meal Plan.

The calories and macros of every ingredient and meal have been carefully calculated with no corners cut and with full transparency allowing you to easily understand and monitor your daily intake of food and achieve your dietary goals.

We’re proud to present a Meal Plan that offers interesting ingredients prepared with exceptional attention to detail; promising tasty, premium quality, high-protein meals designed to support your training & recovery and to optimise your health.

  • Supports digestive health.
  • Avoids highly sensitive foods
  • No unhealthy sugars or artificial sweeteners
  • Corrects micronutrient deficiencies
  • Optimal amount of good quality protein to support growth
  • Only whole foods
  • Gluten Free
  • Only quality fats & oils
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • No high lactose foods

Our Meal Plan

what‘s the best fit for you?

This is not just another meal plan, say goodbye to constantly eating chicken, rice, and broccoli… ergghh who wants that?

All of our dishes have been meticulously designed by an executive chef, so not only will you achieve your goals, but you do so in the tastiest, yummiest, most delicious, enjoyable way possible!





*Don’t know your calories?

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You want a rock-hard body with chiseled abs?

Low body fat percentage is the goal, the only way to get there is by eating in a calorie deficit. In this meal plan, we help you to do this by selecting less calorie-dense foods and giving you high-volume meals. This will leave you feeling full and satisfied with the same amount of calories. Goals!


Already at your target weight?

This meal plan contains the biggest selection, we have 58 different meals in rotation. We have created lots of variety to keep things interesting and to help you persevere with your fitness goals. Winning!


Are you after the gainzzz?

We have specifically designed this meal plan to use more calorie-dense, lower volume foods. This way if your goal is to eat more calories than usual in order to be in a calorie surplus and gain muscle, you’ll be able to achieve this more easily. Just how you like it!



So, you want a six-pack?

This plan is designed to use less calorie-dense, higher volume foods. You’ll feel satiated and satisfied for longer (win!), even though you have consumed the same amount of calories. Thus helping you achieve your goals! Who knew?!


You want a firmer more sculpted body?

For losing a small amount of fat whilst gaining a little muscle, consistency is the key. This meal plan includes the widest range of meals. The variety keeps things fresh, exciting and assists in your adherence to your fitness goals. Yes!


You want to slide on some lean muscle?

In this meal plan, we use more calorie-dense foods and make sure between 29-34% of your calories are in the form of high-quality protein. To gain lean muscle you need to be in a calorie surplus and make sure you have adequate protein. Get it on!

All meal plans are customizable choose if you would like to:

  • Include fish dishes or prefer meat only
  • Include a breakfast style meal as one of your meals
  • Include a whey or vegan protein shake

1800-2000 CALORIES

3 meals, protein side, BFB healthy protein treat, and protein shake

1800 CALORIES: 476K ++ per daily

 2000 CALORIES: 511K ++ per daily

bali meal plan

2250-2450 CALORIES

4 meals, protein side, BFB healthy protein treat, and protein shake

2250 CALORIES: 555K ++ per daily 

2450 CALORIES: 590K ++ per daily

bali meal prep

2700-2900 CALORIES

5 meals, protein side, BFB healthy protein treat, and protein shake

2700 CALORIES: 617K ++ per daily

2900 CALORIES: 652K ++ per daily

20+ active days = 7.5% discount off your whole order

60+ active days = 15% discount off your whole order

*Prices are quoted in IDR and exclude 10% government tax.

*Minimum order 3 active days.

Questions and enquiries ?
Please whatsapp us : +62 813 3993 2837

Body Factory Bali Meal Plan

Food Pyramid:
Hierarchy of importance

  1. Control calories and bring awareness to calorie amounts for different foods and meals.
  2. High quality, nutrient dense whole foods to support gut health, optimise digestion, and boost energy and cognition.
  3. Diet adherence and longterm sustainability through a variety of healthy but tasty meals and snacks.
  4. Control for an optimal amount of good quality protein to support your goals.
  5. Control Fat & Carbohydrate ratios. Correct micronutrient deficiencies.
  6. Meal Frequency & Timing.

Energy Balance (calories)

This is a fundamental principle that determines weight loss, weight gain or no weight change

To lose weight we need to eat fewer calories than the calories we expend every day; very easy in theory, much harder to adhere to in practice.

Do you know what your daily calorie expenditure is?

You can roughly calculate this using the method below:

How to calculate using your weight in Kgs:

Take your weight in Kg and multiple by 30.8, 33 or 35.2 = calories out (total daily energy expenditure).

30.8 Sedentary 33 Moderately active 35.2 Very active

How to calculate using your weight in pounds:

Take you weight in Lbs and multiple by 14, 15 or 16 = calories out (total daily energy expenditure).

14 Sedentary 15 Moderately active 16 Very active


‘X’ weighs 62 kgs and is a teacher who trains 3-4 times a week. 62 kgs x 33 = 2,046 calories.

Goal 59 kgs : Fat loss?

If X is 62 kgs and wanted to lose weight they would aim for around 300 calories less than the amount they expend everyday = 1,746 calories

Goal 65 kgs : Weight & Muscle gain?

If X is 62 kgs and wanted to gain weight and muscle they would aim for around 300 calories more = 2,346 calories


Our philosophy:

We believe the best diet is a nutrient-dense whole food diet that tracks and brings awareness to calories and macros, reduces digestive inflammation and is sustainable enabling long-term adherence. For this reason, it is important to us that your meals are of restaurant quality and we keep things interesting, creative and delicious using high protein meals made only from the freshest and highest quality ingredients.

Because we care about your gut health which we think is fundamental to other aspects of health all our meals are gluten-free, we avoid the very highest FODMAP foods, we avoid all high lactose foods, we avoid all unhealthy refined sugars and we use only good quality fats and oils.

FODMAPs are found in many foods. They are a collection of short-chain carbohydrates (sugars) that aren’t absorbed properly in the gut which can trigger symptoms like bloating, gas and fatigue in people with more sensitive stomachs. Optimal digestion is crucial for health and performance.

It can however be a double-edged sword, whilst there are advantages to eliminating foods for improved digestive health there are also drawbacks to becoming nutrient deficient, this is why a healthy balance should be struck. High FODMAP foods include things like; onion, garlic, Legumes, cow’s milk, artificial sweeteners and wheat.

Our meals have different calorie options because no one person is the same and everyone has different goals. Depending on your selected Meal Plan the average macros will fall between the following ranges:

Protein: 29-34% | Carbohydrates: 25-31% | Fats: 37-43%.

We offer so much variety in our meal plans that the macronutrients will vary slightly from meal to meal and day-to-day but we aim to hit your exact calorie amount.

We calculate calories using The Atwater General Factor System
(This is the most universally accepted system for calculating calories).

The macro data comes from and verified foods on

Using the raw ingredient macro data we calculate the macronutrients of our meals using our customised macro calculator.

We offer a wide selection of calorie options to suit most individual’s needs. All our meal plans are high in protein (29-34%), we have balanced carbohydrates (25-31%) and fats (37-43%) whilst delivering a variety of healthy, delicious meals.

If you would like to know the exact macro %’s of the meal plan you choose please contact us on whatsapp

Currently, we do not offer the option to individually customise the protein, carbohydrate and fat ratios.

To keep things interesting and exciting the meals you receive will be a surprise. We calculate the micronutrients and macronutrients of each meal and arrange these in a way to make sure they are balanced, enjoyable and delicious.

Our oats do not contain gluten (because oats do not contain gluten) but all of our food is prepared in a kitchen where products containing gluten are present.

For anyone that is gluten intolerant, this won’t be a problem but it does mean we can’t cater to anyone that suffers from celiac disease.

For anyone that has a severe nut allergy, we are also unable to prepare meals for you as there are nuts present in the kitchen. We don’t’ use any high lactose foods but a few meals contain a very small amount of dairy from food sources such as butter or small amounts of cheese. A slight amount of dairy should be able tolerated by most lactose-sensitive people except for the most extreme and severe cases.

Every meal has a nutrition label indicating if the meal is dairy-free or not.

All our meals are gluten-free, we avoid the highest FODMAP foods, we avoid all high lactose foods. We allow the option to substitute fish for other meats. We are unable to modify the dishes for specific preferences beyond this.

BFB’s Meal Plan is constructed as a whole, to hit your calorie target with an optimal macronutrient ratio. The snacks and protein smoothies are designed to allow you to be flexible and consume your calories where you feel you need them the most throughout the day. They also add variety to support adherence to your food plan.

We offer a wide selection of Calorie options to suit most individual’s needs. All our meal plans are high in protein (29-34%) and we spend a lot of time balancing the carbohydrates (25-31%) and fats (37-43%) whilst delivering a variety of healthy, delicious meals.

Currently, we do not offer the option to individually customise the protein, carbohydrate and fat ratios.

If refrigerated the coconut oil within some of the sauces will solidify. To best enjoy these sauces we recommend storing these sauce pots at room temperature and not in the fridge. If they are refrigerated and the coconut oil solidifies you can heat the sauce for 10 second in the microwaves or place the pots in warm water until liquid or leave out at room temperature for 10 minutes.

Our minimum order is 3 active days.

Orders can be placed any day of the week and your Meal Plan will start 3 days later, if you put you order in before 12pm it will start in 2 days.

For example orders placed on Saturdays before 12 p.m will be received on Monday morning. Orders placed on Mondays will be received on Wednesday morning.

Your food will be ready for collection from Body Factory Bali Cafe from 8 am every day, Monday – Friday or Monday – Saturday.

We keep the food refrigerated before collection to ensure that you receive fresh food, 100% hygienic and how we intended for you to enjoy the meals. If you are unable to collect the meals yourself you can order a Go-Jek driver to collect and deliver your Meal Plan to your door.

The cut off time for holding your food in the Body Factory Meal Plan fridge, is 9 pm the same day. After 9 pm we are unable to store the food for you and it will be disposed of.

Please note that all Meal Plans are to be paid in full, upfront and are non-refundable but can be transferred to a friend. Please also note, transfers must be organised by the person who purchased the Meal Plan and will remain under the name of the purchaser until the completion of the order.
You can pause you plan on any days you wish, we just need to be notified 2 days in advance.

For discounted 60 day and 12 day plans paid upfront, we can accommodate calorie changes mid plan moving between more and less expensive calorie options.

This is calculated as follows:

Changing your meal plan package to a higher, more expensive calorie bracket.

Anytime you choose to move to a higher calorie bracket (e.g. after 2 weeks you would like to move from 2000 calories to the 2250 calorie Meal Plan package) there will be an additional flat rate fee of 45k per day for every Meal Plan day that you remain in the higher calorie bracket.

*Note: moving from 2000 calories to 2500 calories would mean moving up two calorie brackets = 90k/day.

Changing your meal plan package to a lower, less expensive calorie bracket.

Anytime you chose to move down a calorie bracket e.g. from 2900 to 2700 we will credit you an amount of 20k per/day for every Meal Plan day that you remain in the lower calorie bracket.

This credit can be used towards future meal plan purchases or transferred to friends.

*Note: Moving from 2900 calories to 2450 calories would mean moving down 2 calorie brackets = 40k/day

All Meal Plan changes will be effective from Monday of the following week. We require any changes before 12 p.m. Saturday which will be applied from the following Monday.

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