Relax in our spa and restore your body and mind. Our spa focuses on a holistic approach to recovery, the importance of recovery in a training or workout program or even a busy, stressful life is a major factor that is often overlooked. At Body factory Bali we have a number of facilities to optimize your total recovery both physically and mentally so that you can get the most out of your performance in all areas of your life.  The bodies physical state and the minds psychological state are often overlooked and neglected in our busy lives. 


The Facilities


The spa’s facilities include a swimming pool complete with sun loungers to relax, sunbath and get your daily dose of vitamin D, hydrotherapy plunge pool, ice baths of varying temperatures along with a dry sauna. We offer IV drips for those wanting an extra boost; whether you’re feeling a little dehydrated in hot weather, want to boost your immune system or ramp up your vitamin B to aid in muscle recovery and assist your energy levels. 


We believe Regeneration is a vital part of a high-performance life. Our recovery spa facility is suitable for all people whether your an athlete, fitness enthusiast, weekend warrior or your just someone in need of little healthy downtime. Come join our community and hang out with other like-minded, health-conscious individuals. Sometimes when nothing is happening, everything is happening.

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Recovery Prices (Does Not Include Classes Unless Taking Up VIP Membership)

4 Weeks (28Days) - Bronze Membership
IDR 2,195,000
12 Weeks - Bronze Membership
IDR 5,060,000
1 Year - Bronze Membership
IDR 17,215,000
1 Day Pass Gym (Bronze)
IDR 324,500
3 Consecutive Day Pass (Bronze)
IDR 764,500
7 Consecutive Day Pass (Bronze)
IDR 1,089,000
14 Consecutive Day Pass (Bronze)
IDR 1,646,000
1 Day Pass (Bronze)
180,000 IDR
1 Day Pass (Gold)
IDR 495,000 IDR
3 Consecutive Day Pass (Gold)
IDR 1,094,500
7 Consecutive Day Pass (Gold)
IDR 1,732,500
14 Consecutive Day Pass (Gold)
IDR 2,744,500
4 Weeks(28days) - Gold Membership
IDR 3,953,400
12 Weeks - Gold Membership
IDR 9,471,000
1 Year - Gold Membership
IDR 30,976,000


Body Factory Bali