The Caffeine Kick!

Our Boutique coffee house, Espresso Factory Bali has an industrial look which creates a minimalistic chic vibe. Here we serve speciality coffee with the passion and attention it deserves.

With the unique health and fitness twist, you will find speciality coffee recipes like our carefully designed bulletproof double espresso and our superfood mushroom coffees. Our milk-based coffee’s come with a choice of various homemade unsweetened milk perfect for vegans, dairy sensitive and other health food conscious people.

The perfect coffee stems from the farms right through to the skilled hands of the barista. That’s why we use carefully selected blend of beans from farms around Indonesia, along with the world-class Synesso MVP hydra machine. Combine this with our friendly baristas passion for perfecting the art of our coffee and that’s when you create something special.

The Protein Shakes, Juices and Snacks

Alongside the excellent coffee we sell a host of other health food snacks, juices and protein shakes. Here at Espresso Factory Bali you will always find 100% transparency with ingredients, recipes and the supplements we use. We understand how difficult it is right now to sift through the marketing hype to the raw truth.

Supplement companies use a lot of tricks to miss leading people into buying inferior cheaper products.

We believe in making things very simple and laying everything out on a plate for you. We believe in a science-based, research-backed approach to the ingredients we use. You can trust us for quality! We will never include ingredients from sources we don’t 100% trust. You won’t find any artificial sweeteners or harmful additives in any of our recipes and we’ll always let you know exactly what is in all the drinks and snacks we serve down to the last calorie.

Here at Espresso Factory Bali, we are committed to serving healthy food and a healthy caffeine kick!

For our shakes…


For our vegan protein shakes we use Pea Protein


This is carefully selected. It’s unflavoured. It’s an isolate. It’s 100% pea protein. Sourced from the brand Myprotein



What is Pea Protein Isolate

Pea protein is not made from sweet green peas but from their higher protein cousins, yellow split peas. It’s sourced 100% from pea protein isolate with nothing added and nothing is taken away. Isolate proteins are highly-refined, resulting in more protein and less fat and carbs in every scoop. Perfect for dieting and allows you to enjoy your fats and carbs in other meals.



Pea protein scores higher than plant-based alternatives; Soy, hemp and bean proteins.  Whilst the bioavailability is not as good as animal-based protein alternatives (whey, casein and egg)

For Example:

32 grams of pea protein provides 25g of protein. 

60 grams of hemp protein is required to deliver the same 25g of protein.   


No Allergens and Gluten Free. 

  • Our pea protein contains no dairy, no gluten, no soy, no sucralose, no artificial flavourings making this a very gut-friendly option for anyone with food allergies, sensitivities or intolerances     
  • Fibre and starch are removed during processing, this reduces the chance of any sort of bloating 
  • 94% rate of digestibility meaning nearly all of it will breakdown during digestion and not stress your gut. 


Is Unflavoured Pea Protein Isolate a good protein option to support weight loss?


‘Isolate’ varieties are more expensive but have fewer carbs and fats per 25g protein serving sparring those fats and carbs for other foods and meals.

Unflavoured means no additional calories on artificial flavourings and sweeteners 

Pea protein In a study among plant-based proteins Pea was ranked 1st for lowering your satiety and promoting a feeling of fullness. 


Is Pea Protein technically a complete protein and does this matter?

Pea protein is especially rich in the important essential (BCAA’s) leucine, isoleucine and valine which help fuel working muscles and stimulate protein synthesis.

Pea protein contains all 9 of the Essentially Amino Acids. However, when it comes to methionine it only contains 11 mg/g instead of at least 25mg/g required to make it a “complete protein”. So technically Pea protein is not a complete protein. 


This does not matter for 98% of people because Methionine is found in adequate amounts in many other foods; eggs cheese chicken, beef, fish, wheat germ, soybeans, oats, rice, quinoa, spirulina. So pea proteins small lack of this amino acid is only an issue if not eating any other sources of this amino

Plant protein blends can overcome the lack of methionine eg by adding inexpensive rice protein which is high in Methionine but this comes with other trade-offs. If your eating real foods containing Methionine there is no need to search for additional sources of methionine.   


If 100% Unflavoured Pea protein isolate is overall a superior option to other plant protein sources why doesn’t everyone use it?


  • Marketing tactics can mislead people
  • Pea protein can be difficult to blend smoothly into shakes
  • Unflavoured obviously doesn’t taste as sweet


Overall, who is Pea Protein Isolate a great option for?

Perfect for vegetarians, vegans and anybody with gut intolerance or sensitivities. 

Also a great option for any calorie conscious people on a diet who find it hard to stick to their calorie goals.



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